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InkCalculator is a specialized software for calculating the price of printing

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1 easy use – just one click needed to know the price of printing

Price of pringing will be calculated just after dropping the file into the software window. Only thing you need to do is to set page size and then you can send the document to print.

The InkCalculator estimates the size of printed area which is then used for calculating a price according to your settings. This can save you time and money as estimating printed area only by looking at the documant is difficult and inaccurate.

As a bonus for your customers you can offer them to pay the fair price – just what has been really printed.

2 fast and practical printing – pages in B/W and in color separately

The InkCalculator recognizes pages in B/W and in color automatically. These can be printed separately then on different printers. This provides easy savings if you use different printers for B/W and color printing.

3 comprehensive system for configuring price calculation

Price which you charge to your customers is only up to you. You can use two different types of calculating – dependent on amount of used ink (CMYK) or dependent just on size of printed area.

You can charge for each 1 % of printed area or set the price for defined interval of printed area (e.g. lower price for under 50% of printed area and higher price for more than 50%).

In the InkCalculator you can also set extra charge for different paper used for printing.

4 add-ons designed individually for customers

We are trying to improve the InkCalculator continously, especially when we detect some error or when we are informed by our customers about it.

If you miss some useful features or you would like to change or adjust software in any way needed for your business, feel free to contact us. We don't only develop software but we do also web pages and applications and provide graphical services.


One license

Price of one license: 799

You can always buy additional licenses afterwards, you will pay just difference between single and multiple license.

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Price per license: 8
Total price: 8

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Java actualization: For program to run you need to have up to date version of Java. You can download it here and then follow the instructions:

Choose version for you computer:

Adobe Reader launcher: InkCalculator needs the Adobe Reader launcher for opening file after "Print" button is clicked.

You can find launcher in installation folder of Adobe Reader – mostly in Program Files (e.g. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe).

Tip: when "Print" button is clicked pages selected in InkCalculator are copied to clipboard and you can paste them into input field (using CTRL+V) in Adobe Reader and print the pages you want (e.g. just B/W ones).

Price of printing – price per percent and price intervals

You can set the price of printing using two option. First is to charge for each percent of coverage (if you set 0.01USD / 1 %, with coverage of 20% the price will be 0.2USD)

Second option is to set some interval and withing them the price will be fixed. For example you can set coverage interval 0-10% for 0.05USD and the price will be always 0.05USD if the covegare is within the interval.

In the program you just set the boundary points separated by coma. e.g. by inserting "10,20,40,60" you make following intervals: [0,10),[10,20),[20,40),[40,60),[60,100], where the left point is always within the interval and the right one not.

Finaly you just fill in the price for each interval (decimal separator is dot), e.g.: "0.12,0.25,0.3,0.4,0.5" for the previous example.

Price of printing – converting prices to other page sizes

When you fill in prices for default page size, you don't have to fill in each one again. You can just convert price from default page size. The price will be recalculated proportionally to the page size.

Most of the used page sizes are in the program from installation, but you can always add new page sizes.

Tips for making your work faster

When "Print" button is clicked pages selected in InkCalculator are copied to clipboard and you can paste them into input field (using CTRL+V) in Adobe Reader and print the pages you want (e.g. just B/W ones).

After finishing the calculation, you can just drop a file into program window. You don't have to click on "New Calculation" button.

Calculation methods – what is a difference?

You can use 2 methods of calculation: Simple one – if there is 20% coverage, the price is calculated for 20% without any consideration of color saturation (the price of light grey is the same as of the black color).

CMYK calculates the exact percentage of each used color - it simulates the amount of ink used up during printing. Black and grey is included only to consumption of black, other colors are divided between CMY.

When to use the fast calculation?

Fast calculation is designed for document with plenty of pages and when accuracy is not important. Calculation is inaccurate especially for thin lines which are not well detected during fast calculation.

You can define the number of pages for offering fast calculation in Settings.

File with settings

In file with settings are saved all settings you make in the program, including the prices. Because of that you can share the same settings for several installations. You can share the file between computers or have it uploaded on the web.